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How to create a silhouette the easy way! Everybody loves anything that’s easily done and still looks good at the end. Doesn’t matter how you did it, but you did it. A short and simple tutorial that can be applied to any picture to create the simple silhouette effect. Continue reading to view tutorial. Advertisements



This will teach you how to blend two images together so they will fit smoother together instead of having that line running down the image and ruining everything. Continue reading to find out more. Comment or go to forums if your lost.



Ever watch t.v or look at a picture and see that some thing’s censored on it? Well read on to find out how you can achieve that same effect with Photoshop. An easy thing to do and any version of Photoshop should be able to follow this. All it takes is a few simple steps […]

Ipod Person


How to make an ipod person effect that everybody truly loves deep down inside somewhere in that bottomless pit heart of anybody. The ipod effect is turning somebody with a shade with black against the vibrant background to gain a nice little effect where we see on commercials or buildings. All it takes is a […]

Make something that looks cool in a matter of seconds or minutes and all it takes is random clicks. It can be used on big images or small images and results will usually always be different. Depending on how you use your mouse, the results will vary. The colors will look nice and funky. Well […]



Make something and then turn it into a pattern, with a tool of Photoshop it repeats it for you do you don’t have to copy and paste every single one, learn how to use it and abuse it. A effect technique to know and be able to use it is simple, all it takes is […]

How to make a silhouette. An image that goes by a couple of colors and is flat. A moderate tutorial to follow. Recommended you know how to use some tools of Photoshop before attempting. But if you want to try it, go for it. Just have fun. In this tutorial you will be silhouetting Jessica […]

A combination of two tutorials that will teach you how to make water droplets and how to put them onto an object. A pretty decent effect to know and be able to use. A nice thing to know. Basic tutorial that’s easy enough for a beginner to follow. Best results are when you experiment for […]

This tutorial can be used for Photo editing or many other things. With the power of Photoshop you can change the color of something or just an area. This will show you how to change the color of a certain area you want and have full control of what color you want it to be. […]



A tutorial teaching you a simple tactic in the designing world. A nice thing to know and somethings looks good in your designs. Continue reading to view tutorial.