Make Over


How to do a makeover. A simple feat to do and it only takes a couple of minutes depending on what you’re doing. The more you do, the better it can look.

First we will need a base image. I found on at Stock Xchng
The photo I will be using is located here, feel free to use that one when following this tutorial. Grab the largest size and save it, open it up in Photoshop.

Step 1
Using a black decent size brush, brush away at the lighting beside here, Just fix up the surrounding of an image first before working at it. Use black #000000 with a fuzzy brush any size and brush away at the light.

brush light

Step 2
Now grab the spot healing tool (J) I use a hard edge brush, but you can use a fuzzy one to do this step. Now click at the blemishes and bumps on the skin and spots that don’t make the skin all one color. Make sure to check around neck, chest, and arm shoulder areas for those blemishes. The red spots are some spots to look at and use that tool. Try getting the bags under the eye as best as you can.

red spots bags

Step 3
Now just a spot near the hair, the arrow pointing at the green, we want that gone, so use the Clone Stamp Tool (S) and grab the source near the red circle area. (Hold alt and click at source, then just brush away)

clone stamp hair

Step 4
Now liquidfy time. Filter >> Liquidfy
Big screen pops up with many fascinating tools. Some keyboard shortcuts to use,
CTRL + ALT + Z = Fix Mistake
CTRL + + = Zoom
CTRL + – = Zoom Out
Holding down space bar = moving around image
[ = make brush smaller
] = make brush bigger

First we do the nose job. We make it smaller, people find it more attractive if you got a smaller nose? Just do your best on here, this part is just practice.
The second picture is about the lips, we all love a smile don’t we. Just grab the corner edges and drag them up. Use a fairly decent size brush.

Step 5
Now we are still using the liquidfy tool here, but using it near the cheek this time. Right now they look bony and/or alienish. So Filter >> Liquidfy.

Use the freeze tool around the hair. it’s red big stuff around it and what it does is when you use the liquidfy tool, it doesn’t affect that area.

Just do your best.

Step 6
Now just changing the skin color. With a fuzzy brush tool use, #8f5732 and brush at skin. After that erase around eyes mouth hair so that it only covers skin area. Change it to “Hue” with the layer options.

Step 7
Now copy around the face so you got the skin area. (on a new layer) Then Filter >> blur >> Gaussian Blur. Erase around the mouths eyes, hair and the rest if those are blurred also.
Lower the blurred layer to 50% for the creamy look.

Step 8
Fix up around the eye, using the spot healing tool and clone stamp tool.

Step 9
Now cheek, nose mouth area touch up with clone stamp and healing brush tool. Just getting rid of smaller problems and lines on the skin.

Step 10
Now the eye, Select it with any tool so that you got a selection around them. Use levels on the eye.
Then select the iris area and use a color balance. Settings are shown below. With the iris, set the layer on saturation before merging.

Step 11
Hair. Select the hair and use levels then color balance on it. Settings are below. You can use your own and make it brighter and a different color. It is entirely up to you, the manipulator.

Step 12
Lips. Select them, use a color balance on them. Lower the color balance to 50%. Setting below.

And now you are finished.


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