With Photoshop there are many things you can do with it and one of them is manipulation, changing a picture into something or putting something into it. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to put a piece of another picture into the picture that you want it in and put it in there so it looks like it was there and wasn’t placed there using MS Paint. Continue reading to view the tutorial.

This is what you will manipulating today.

Registering an account there is free and easy and required for the lizard stock.

Then this will be what we will be inserting with the lizard.

Once those are saved, continue on.

Step 1
Open up both Lizard and Dino stocks and paste the dino onto the Lizard

Then go Edit >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal

Step 2
Now grab the Eraser Tool (E) and using a big fuzzy brush, erase the black background the best way you can.

Once the outsides are erased, move on near the dino, but use a smaller size this time and zoom in if needed.
After the erase, press CTRL + T to go into the edit mode with the dino, right click and go to distort. Move it around to fit the perspective. You can use any options there. Also Resize the image to fit with the head.

Step 3
Move the head into position of where you want it. Grab the clone stamp tool (S) and use it to take away the area around the mouth that’s popping out of the teeth.

Using the clone stamp tool:
Hold alt and press the sand beside the mouth and then let go of alt. Start brushing at the mouth and see what happens.

Then pop the head back on and see you did.

Step 4 – The Lower Jaw
Again, grab the clone stamp tool (S) and make sure you select the background layer when defining source or it will grab the source from the layer you are on. Make sure when defining the starting source, pick one near the jaw.

Make a new layer for the jaw and start brushing over the dino jaw. Zoom in, it will help.
Try brushing along the edges as best as you can because it will effect the end results.

Step 5
Now same as the above, I did the same thing but this time for the middle area.

Step 6
Now the nose area. hopefully you keep an original background, select the nose area, doesn’t got to be clean.

Place onto a new layer and position it. Erase also, and resize the fit the nose of the Dinosaur.

Then with the clone stamp tool(S), finish it off. I left the eye because I will need the position later on.

Step 7
Now go back to the original background and select the Eye.

Paste onto a new layer. Clean it up, resize, distort and resize it.

Step 8
Now just follow these pictures and use those numbers or yours. Whatever floats your boat. To select these options, click the yin/yang symbol at the bottom of the layers panel.

Results – with animation! Resized because it was taking to long to upload!


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