Take a picture and turn it’s focal point into something more, make the view draft their attention there instantly and have an overall cool effect on a photo. You will be using the effect on an eye photo by following this tutorial, a trick worth learning. Continue reading to find out more.

Step 1
Find a picture, for this tutorial I will be using an eye. I found this on a stock site, you can use it also. Picture will be sized down throughout the tutorial, here is original size

Step 2
Duplicate the eye layer 2 times (resulting in 3 eye layers) Hide the top layer so that the bottom 2 are visible. Select the second layer and press SHIFT + CTRL + U

Step 3
Unhide the top layer and set layer mode to “Soft Light”

Step 4
Select the bottom layer and delete everything except the eye part. Use an eraser and erase everything else.

Step 5
Select the second layer (Black and white one) and erase the eye part of it so the bottom layer will show.

Step 6
Duplicate the bottom layer (CTRL + J) and drag the copy to the top and set the layer mode on “Soft Light”

Step 7
Hold CTRL and select your top layer (the one with only eye) Should now have ants crawling around the eye.
Press CTRL + B Then the box pops up, move the slider up and down on the 3 slides until you like a good color, hit OK.

Step 8
Now click the yinyang symbol on the layers panel (beside create a new group) Click “gradient map” when a few options comes up. Select the default black to white gradient.

Step 9
Make a new layer (Shift + CTRL + N) Go to Image >> Apply Image (just hit ok on the box that pops up)
Now go Filter >> Blur >> Radical Blur
Amount : 100
Method: Zoom
Quality: Best

Might take awhile for it to load.

Lower the opacity to around 50-60%

Then erase the eye part so it’s not blurred. And you should be finished.


2 Responses to “Intensity”

  1. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Gauhati.

  1. 1 Intensity Tutorial - Domain Discussion Board

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