No more dentist


Find out how to turn yellow teeth into the white teeth that you always wanted. Say no to the dentist and hello to the white teeth in your photos. A simple thing to do and results can change the way you look in your photos. Make everybody think you got white teeth. You will be working with many different adjustment layers. Continue reading to find out how to achieve this.

Step 1
Find a picture or use your photo. I found this photo on a stock site and will be using it, you can use it or use your own.

Step 2
Make sure the photo has a bit of yellow in it or it’s kind of pointless. Press Q (enters quick mask) and grab your brush tool (B) Using a hard or fuzzy brush, brush all over the teeth. Try not to get the lip or skin areas but doesn’t matter. Try your best. As you are brushing over the teeth area it would appear red over the spots your brushed over while in quick mask

Finish selecting every teeth

Step 3
Press Q (exits quick mask) Now your teeth that you selected are now marching with ants.

Step 4
Click the yin yang symbol in the layers panel (black and white looking) and click Hue/Saturation.

Just move the saturation bar down into negatives until teeth start looking a decent white. Just move it enough so that it looks natural and doesn’t look bad.

Step 5
Results for me


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