Make Over


How to do a makeover. A simple feat to do and it only takes a couple of minutes depending on what you’re doing. The more you do, the better it can look.

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With Photoshop there are many things you can do with it and one of them is manipulation, changing a picture into something or putting something into it. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to put a piece of another picture into the picture that you want it in and put it in there so it looks like it was there and wasn’t placed there using MS Paint. Continue reading to view the tutorial.

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Hmmm Having written anything in awhile. Will soon.

3D Text


How to make some 3D text using Photoshop, a 2D program. A easy thing to do and it just takes a couple of seconds. There are many ways to do this, but this is just one of them. Hopefully the technique you learn from this will stick with you. So continue on reading to read the tutorial and if you need help, feel free to comment or contact me and I’ll gladly help you out.

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A New Look


Just decided to change the blog template view to a more lighter one. Hope you like it 🙂

Lip Gloss


How to change the lip color to make it appear a different color. A simple thing to do and can change results of a photo, by the color of their lips. You might learn a thing or two from this tutorial. Continue reading to view the tutorial.

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Take a picture and turn it’s focal point into something more, make the view draft their attention there instantly and have an overall cool effect on a photo. You will be using the effect on an eye photo by following this tutorial, a trick worth learning. Continue reading to find out more.

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How to create a silhouette the easy way! Everybody loves anything that’s easily done and still looks good at the end. Doesn’t matter how you did it, but you did it. A short and simple tutorial that can be applied to any picture to create the simple silhouette effect. Continue reading to view tutorial.

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No more dentist


Find out how to turn yellow teeth into the white teeth that you always wanted. Say no to the dentist and hello to the white teeth in your photos. A simple thing to do and results can change the way you look in your photos. Make everybody think you got white teeth. You will be working with many different adjustment layers. Continue reading to find out how to achieve this.

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